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Colonial Theatre
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Sherri has transformed jazz into emotionally charged heartfelt pieces. She has a wide vocal range and will seduce you with her incredible, individualistic voice. When Sherri performed on my show at The Colonial Theatre….one could feel the wave of goosebumps roll through the audience like a wave.”

— B-Mile, Producer and host of “The Smile with B-Mile” televised talk show

“Sherri James Buxton is an elegant interpreter of a wide range of genres from standards to jazz, delighting audiences with her warmth, depth, versatility and flawless technique.”

— C. Jeffrey Cook, Lawyer

Vocalist Sherri James Buxton sings her exquisite repertoire of standards straight from her heart.

— Andy Jaffe, Jazz Composer, musician, author, head of Williams College Jazz Dept.

Sherri James Buxton combines a lifelong love of melody and lyric with a highly skilled voice and appealing presence. If you’ve heard a Buxton performance of a song, you’ve heard that song’s definitive interpretation.

— Bob Shepherd, sound engineer, arranger, jazz pianist, Sherri’s Music Director

Sherri is an amazingly gifted vocalist and entertainer. She “wows” audiences with her stage presence, and brings original style and a fresh approach to each song during her stand out performances.

— Pam Rich, Paul Rich and Sons, former student

Sherri is a very experienced and talented performer. A master of the Great American Songbook!

— Lisa Kantor, Elle Kay Cabaret



 Sherri James Buxton is a renowned singer and master teacher who has inspired the development of a whole generation of cabaret singers and performers in the Berkshires.

— Jeff Cook, Lawyer and student

Sherri teaches a popular program at the Berkshire Music School, a Cabaret Workshop for Adults, which has spawned many new cabaret acts in our area.

Sherri is an inspirational, supportive teacher of students of all ages and is a role model herself with a very active performing career.

— Tracy Wilson, Director, Berkshire Music School

I studied with Sherri James Buxton for several years at the Berkshire Music School, participating in her Adult Cabaret classes and performing with her “Cabaret-to-Go” troupe. .She has been my most supportive mentor, and her valuable critiques have helped me to develop the skills I needed to begin doing my own solo cabaret shows. She really roots for her students’ success, and she has given me the confidence I needed to conquer my fears and take hold of the stage! She continues to be supportive of my growth as a performer, and I am deeply indebted to her.

Thanks, Sherri, you are the best!

— Lisa Kantor, Elle Kay Cabaret

Sherri’s command as both singer and teacher has vastly improved my vocal technique; her warmth has given me emotional support and confidence; her spirit makes her a joy to work with. Head, heart, spirit–Sherri’s the real deal.

— Mary Jo Maichack, MaichackArts

Working with Sherri has been rewarding beyond all expectations – and FUN!. She naturally uses metaphor and teaches vocal anatomy to remarkably advance technique and sound. Students often ask, “Was that really me? Did I do that?!” If you’ve ever dreamed of singing well, not to mention “performing,” you owe it to yourself to sing with Sherri.

— Dr. Jonathan Kramer

If you like to sing, this is the place!

— Tony Pastore

It’s such a great experience to be able to get up and sing!

— Renee DeCandia

I feel the support from Sherri and Bob.
— Ellen Weiden

It’s been a great experience!
Laura Rosenthal